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I would like to remove all CSSs automatically included from stable theme:


I can remove them one by one inside the .info.yml file:

  - 'core/themes/stable/css/system/components/ajax-progress.module.css'
  - 'core/themes/stable/css/system/components/autocomplete-loading.module.css'
  - ...

Is there a way to remove all of them at once?

Something like:

  - 'core/themes/stable/css/system/components/*'

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There's no wildcarding for the stylesheets-remove (FYI: there's a FR out there for it). However, you can use libraries-override to remove the library associated with the all CSS components you've highlighted:

  system/base: false

It won't remove all CSS files in the stable theme, but it will condense removal of libraries that contain many CSS files.


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