In Drupal 8, when creating a view with an exposed filter on a Date field (which is in date only mode), the resulting query removes some hours based on my timezone.

I'm in the UTC+2 timezone, so a date filter of 2016-04-20 creates a query of DATE_FORMAT('2016-04-19T22:00:00', '%Y-%m-%d'). And so, none of the nodes I want are displayed...

How to avoid that?

wrong query for an exposed date filter because of timezones


The following helps when rendering views programmatically:

$event_date_time = new \DateTime($query->get('date'), new \DateTimeZone('America/New_York'));
$event_date_time->modify('+1 day');
$event_date = $event_date_time->setTimezone(new \DateTimeZone('America/New_York'))->format('Ymd');

$view = \Drupal\views\Views::getView('events');
$output['events'] = $view->preview();

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