I want to create a postal field for addresses in the Philippines.

I have set up a sandbox site with a content type that has just one field, of type addressfield and using the autocomplete widget. Only one country is allowed. However, when I create content, all I can see is the field for entering the address and the Google map, I cannot see the Address Field fields. When I enter an address in the Philippines, it gets coded correctly by Google and displays properly on the map. However, if I then try to save the field, it tells me that obligatory fields ("Address 1" and "City" in this case) are missing.

If I click on "enter one manually", then nothing happens.

This is only accessible by a logged-in user, so I presume that caching is not the problem.

I have tried using FF45 and the lastest release of Chromium, all to no avail

I also presume that I must have made a mistake setting something up, but i cannot work out what that might be...

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Turns out that there is an incompatibility between Addressfield Autocomplete and/or the geocomplete.js library it uses, and the version of JQuery that gets bundled with Drupal 7.

The solution is to install the JQuery Update module, and set the JQuery version to 1.10

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