Problem statement: When users pay for an order at paypal, in almost 50% cases(for both verified and unverified paypal users) the transaction slip(for business account) does show shipping address(confirmed address), but for other 50% users it is saying "We have no shipping address on file" even if users enter shipping details on paypal review page.

Using Paypal Express Checkout payment Method.

Currently we are passing NOSHIPPING=1

What should be the parameter for NOSHIPPING ? What could be the problem ? Please help.

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try not passing that parameter at all

Here is an excerpt from the PayPal's Express Checkout Integration guide about Shipping address:

Suppressing the Buyer's Shipping Address

You can suppress the display of the buyer's shipping address on the PayPal pages. You might want to do this in these cases:

  1. You are selling a product or service that does not require shipping.
  2. You prefer to handle addresses completely on your own and do not want to let buyers choose from their PayPal address book.

To suppress the display of the buyer's shipping address, set the NOSHIPPING parameter to 1 in the call to SetExpressCheckout. No shipping address displays on Express Checkout pages.

Hope this helps.

  • Tested this as of today and it works: I removed both NOSHIPPING and the REQCONFIRMSHIPPING fields from the SetExpressCheckout call.
    – Max
    Commented Aug 10, 2016 at 3:31

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