When you run drush features-revert-all command, it can be altered using hook_drush_command_alter (&$command).

However during run it's invoking another command by:

drush_invoke('features-revert', $features_to_revert);

It seems I can still use drush_hook_pre_COMMAND and drush_hook_post_COMMAND to perform some additional checks.

However I'd like to alter the list of arguments (features) being passed into features-revert which are not available as part of the main command.

Is there any Drush hook which I can use to achieve that?

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Drush calls command hooks via the function _drush_invoke_hooks, which unfortunately does not provide any facility to alter the arguments list from a pre or validate hook. We are looking to provide a more flexible mechanism that would allow this in Drush 9. Currently, only the command alter hook can change the parameters to a command. Ideally, Drush commands should invoke other Drush commands via drush_invoke_process; this will also go through the command alter hook. If a command uses drush_invoke, though, you are stuck, as drush_invoke bypasses the alter hook.

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