I am trying to create a view/block of the most viewed node without using a module if possible.

If it's not possible, is it possible to do it without using the statistic module?

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The simple and best solution which work with views is node view count. Which works with views and play around it.


Apart from the Node view count modules (already mentioned in another answer), here are some other modules that might be a possible fit:

  • Visitors (disclosure: I'm the maintainer of it).

    Comes with a set of Visitors Reports, such as:

    • User activity report (hits, nodes, comments).
    • A Visitor tab that is added to each node, with details about Referrer, Date, User, IP address, User agent.
  • Better Statistics, here's a quote from its project page:

    ... introduces a Statistics API, allowing developers and contributed modules a way to collect, limit, and route custom access statistics and data.

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