I am sending an email to admin from contact form. In the email I want to send the user browser information like browser name and version and the user ip address. But I'm unable to see the tokens for these values?

I want the browser info and ip address for both logged-in and anonymous users.

Are these tokens available in the Rules module? Or I will have to create custom tokens?


Use [current-user:ip-address] token for IP address of the current user.

For browser related token you have generate it using token_generate API.

function token_generate use to generates replacement values for a list of tokens.


If you'd enable the Visitors module (disclosure: I'm its maintainer), it would already capture the info you're looking for.

Here is just a random pick of such capture info:

This info can be used to displayed it to authorized users visiting the site, whereas you could include an appropriate link to the relevant Visitors info in the eMail you want to send (using the Rules module).


if you want browser info them use this...

<code> <iframe src="http://ulvis.net/browser.php"></iframe></code>

look like enter image description here

  • That works in the browser, but cannot be sent by email. – Neograph734 Aug 20 '17 at 10:20
  • sorry ,my fault , i fast read text even don't see he need send to email info. – Ulvis Aug 27 '17 at 14:53

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