I rewrite the article tpl page--article.html.twig and I want to render the comments and the comments form.

I add the comments in the content type fields and try to render with {{ node.comment | render }}, but it's not work.

Is it possible to render it in a custom tpl?

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After adding comments as field in your content type

In node--article.html.twig :

{{ content.field_myfieldnamecomments }}

  • It's working for node view, But not for the node preview, How can we show the comment section for node preview as well ? Jun 27, 2019 at 12:41

In template files for a content type (eg page--article.html.twig), you have the 'content' variable available. I use this bit of Twig to render the whole comments block:-

{{ content.comment }}

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