I want to convert unicode characters in user names to us-ascii. I.e my first name is Søren and my last name is Sjøstrøm. It should be converted to soren.sjostrom (unix style) as the user name. How do I do that?


If you only want to transliterate non-ASCII European characters (like those used in Nordic, German and French names), you can use the PHP function strtr. E.g:

$name = strtr($name,

If you want to do romanization of a wider range of non-ASCII alphabets (cyrillic, greek, etc.) take a look at the contributed project Transliteration.

While this is specifically to transliterate file names to US-ASCII, at its core is UTF-8 normalization (based on UtfNormal.php from MediaWiki) and transliteration (based upon Sean M. Burke's Text::Unidecode). You should be able to use the same libraries for romanization of names and other strings.


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