i have a variable_set defined in d6 as follows :

variable_set('cleanupeditform_formkeys', array(
 'menu' => t('Menu settings'),
 'revision_information' => t('Revision information'),
 'attachments' => t('File attachments'),
 'comment_settings' => t('Comment settings'),
 'author' => t('Authoring information'),
 'options' => t('Publishing options'),

How i can convert to drupal 8 form ? I know for a single case it would be like


Thanks .


It's no different, you can also save an array in state:

\Drupal::state()->set('cleanupeditform_formkeys', ['foo' => 'bar']);

You should use \Drupal::config() instead of \Drupal::state(). States are used for hidden system values and are not deployed between environments, but configs store values/changes from site building process and could be synchronized between environments.

  • The OP didn't really leave any clues as to whether this data belongs in config or state (except for using state in the question), so I don't you think can say that config "should" be used here - you need more context to be able to say that for sure. But the point that there are different stores is a good one to raise – Clive Apr 26 '16 at 11:40

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