1. In my sites/default/settings.php I changed:

    $config_directories = array(
        CONFIG_SYNC_DIRECTORY => 'sites/default/config-sync',
  2. I created the folder config-sync in sites/default/
  3. When I do drush cex I get this message in my Terminal window:

Choose a destination. [0] : Cancel
[1] : sync
[2] : staging

What do I have to do? Because I want all my configuration files in sites/default/config-sync because this directory is tracked by Git.

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You just need to execute the command with the "destination" parameter:

$ drush cex sync

as CONFIG_SYNC_DIRECTORY is the same as $config_directories['sync']


You must define your config directories in settings.php, like this:

$config_directories['import'] = '../config/import';
$config_directories['export'] = '../config/export';

Now you can use these with drush:

drush cex export
drush cim import

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