I want to theme the mail which is used to sent a link to user when the user forgot the password. I want to know what I need to name the template file so that Drupal will take my email template file.

I am using the Mime Mail module. How do I find the key of that particular module?




template file name is not worked.Belowone worked for me



this is how you should name the template file that will cover User Password Reset email.

More information here: Theming HTML Mail sent through Mime Mail

I'd recommend installing Mail Logger. It shows the mail key of every email that is sent. Note: this module currently has only D7 release.




correct format mimemail-message--[module]--[key].tpl.php . The module in this case is "user" (check yoursite/modules/user). The keys can be found in the module's hook_mail() implementation, in this case "password_reset"

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