Say I have a content type books and a taxonomy vocabolary book categorys i.e.

book categorys:
 - Novel
 - Short Story

Now, what I would like to display in a view is:


  • Novel 1
  • Novel 2

Short Story

  • Short Story 1
  • Short Story 2

I sure can make one block for each taxonomy term and filter by term, but I also create regulary new ones so that is not an good option.


To do this you need a Taxonomy term view with a Content using field_xxx relationship.

Here are the steps needed:

  1. Create a new view with Show: Taxonomy terms of type: Book category (or whatever your vocabulary is called).
  2. Under Advanced settings add a Relationship of type Content using field_bookcategory
  3. Under Fields, Add a Content Title field to the view. A relationship to your field_bookcategory should be automatically selected at this point.
  4. You now need to group your results by taxonomy term. Do this under under Format: Settings and set Grouping field Nr. 1 to Taxonomy term: Name
  5. Lastly, you'll want to hide the term name in the results, since you're already displaying it in the group heading. To do this set the Taxonomy term: Name field to Exclude from display
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