Please, help. Is it possible implement different templates for form-element.html.twig? For form 'user-form' one template, and for other forms second template.

  • I'm running the same problem. In my case all fields in 'user-form' are label_display after, to solve this, I changed them in template_preprocess_form_element by fields names.
    – Vagner
    Commented May 1, 2016 at 13:53
  • Could you give example how you use did it?
    – Lexs
    Commented May 5, 2016 at 6:39

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As you requested, this is an example how I did using field names.

In your .theme file:

function THEME_preprocess_form_element(&$variables) {
  //This is a list of fields in contact form
  $showAfter = array('name', 'mail', 'subject[0][value]', 'message[0][value]');
  if (in_array($variables['name'], $showAfter)) {
    //If is one, I change here how to display instead using different twig file
    $variables['element']['#title_display'] = 'after';
    $variables['label_display'] = 'after';

Now, if you want use different twig file for each field name use this...

.theme file

function THEME_theme_suggestions_form_element_alter(array &$suggestions, array $variables, $hook) {
  if (isset($variables['element']['#name'])) {
    //Name can be a string like this, 'subject[0][value]'.
    //When this happen, I just get 'subject'.
    $suggestions[] = 'form_element__' . explode("[", $variables['element']['#name'])[0];

Then in your HTML appear something like this:

   * form-element--subject.html.twig
   x form-element.html.twig

The main problem is how you get form_id in preprocess or theme_suggestions (form_element Hook), I didn't find a way to get this information.


I found out another way to solve my problem. In form_alter function i added this code: $form['custom_field']['theme_wrapper'] = 'form-element-custom.html.twig'; And, its help me.

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