There is a "primary admin actions" block in the seven theme (provided by the Drupal 8 standard install profile) which only shows up if my view if the path is "admin/content" but if I change the path to anything else, the block is gone. where is this configured ?


The LocalActionsBlock is a block plugin that displays menu action links for a given route based on the LocalActionManager::getActionsFromRoute method.

The route that corresponds to the path /admin/content has action links, but whichever route that corresponds to the path you are using does not have any action links defined.

Action links are defined in MODULENAME.links.action.yml file.

If the desired outcome is to have the local actions that correspond to /admin/content on a different path, then a module should be created that defines additional action links for those routes.

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  • Hi Can you give me a more detailed examplel of how to add the node.add_page to a new url? – Diana May 9 '16 at 17:23

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