I have two radio buttons

  • Enter The Text
  • Upload a Text File

If user select the 1st option, a field of type 'textfield' will appear & if they select the 2nd option, a field of type 'managed_file' will appear.

But this code with working fine for textfield but not working for managed_file
Now, how to implement conditional fields in Drupal 8 ?

This is my D8 code.

    $form['field_type'] = array(
    '#type'    => 'radios',
    '#options' => array_combine( array(t('Enter The Text'), t('Upload a Text File'))
                                 array(t('Enter The Text'), t('Upload a Text File'))
    '#title'   => t('Choose entry type.')

  $form['imgurl'] = array(
    '#type'          => 'textfield',
    '#title'         => t('Enter the text'),
    '#states'        => array(
      'visible'      => array(
        ':input[name="field_type"]' => array('value' => t('Enter The Text')),

  $form['file'] = array(
    '#title'              => t('Choose Text File'),
    '#type'               => 'managed_file',
    '#progress_indicator' => 'throbber',
    '#progress_message'   => NULL,
    '#upload_location'    => 'public://files/',
    '#states'             => array(
      'visible'           => array(
        ':input[name="field_type"]' => array('value' => t('Upload a Text File')),

I don't know, if this as anything to do with managed files, but I think #options should look like this:

'#options' => array(
  'text' => t('Enter The Text'),
  'upload' => t('Upload a Text File'),

and in #states the options key, not the translatable value:

'#states' => array(
  'visible' => array(
    ':input[name="field_type"]' => array('value' => 'text'),

If it has something to do with managed_file, then this old issue is back:


You can check this by changing temporarily managed_file to file.

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  • Tried your solution. Having the same problem. 'managed_file' type field is not hiding on selecting the other option. – Jasodeep Chatterjee May 3 '16 at 12:40
  • There was an issue with this, see the edited answer. – 4k4 May 3 '16 at 12:51

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