I have created a database view and I would like to show the results in a Drupal Page. The view has some pretty complex SQL behind it, so trying to use the Views module isn't possible.

I just want to do SELECT * FROM VIEW_X and display the results on a page in PHP.

I know how to do this in Drupal 6, but how is it done in Drupal 7?

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I don't think it's possible to query views using the DBTNG query builder: if you try to use db_select() with a view, it raises a PDOException complaining that the table doesn't exist.

Instead, you'll want to use db_query(). Let's assume you created a view named test:


To get the value of cron_key, you'd do:

$name = 'cron_key';
$result = db_query('SELECT * FROM test t WHERE t.name = :name', array(':name' => $name));
$value = $result->fetchColumn(1);

The comment by drclaw on the db_query() API entry gives a number of examples which should help you out with figuring out how to manipulate a SELECT query using db_query().

  • db_select() works fine with views
    – ya.teck
    Mar 24, 2015 at 13:22

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