New user registration take too much time in my drupal 6 website. When we perform Add user in administrator section, it is working normally, within one or two second we can add users. But when we are trying to Create new account, it takes long time.

I have enabled CCK, Content Profile,Token,CAPTCHA,Views Modules.

How does debug it ?.


You can install the devel module and see which part of Drupal that slows things down. You could start out by taking a look at the queries that are run.


You can always try to debug the code to see where in the code Drupal gets slow. Here is a great tutorial how to track the slow parts down.

An other thing you should test is give a normal user the privilege to create users (Administer users). See if it works as slow as Create new account. What actions are done when creating the new account by the way?

  • I assigned new user to privilege Create Users (Administer users).But while Create new account its extremely fast, and when logout and doing the Create new account its too slow. why this happen ?
    – Ashok KS
    Feb 24 '12 at 6:02

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