Caching in Drupal 8 is great, but documentation is thin (at this time) on using cache tags for render arrays in Drupal 8.

I have some code that basically generates a list of node teasers, say for content types "books" and "magazines". I'm caching the list to speed things up. I would like to refresh the list every time a "book" or "magazine" is added/deleted/edited. So I have a render array that looks like this:

$build = array(
  '#type' => 'markup',
  '#markup' => $sMarkup,        
  '#cache' => [
    'keys' => ['home-all','home'],
    'tags'=> ['node_list'], // invalidate cache when any node content is added/changed etc.
    'max-age' => '36600', // invalidate cache after 10h

By using the cache tag ['node_list'], the cache invalidates properly when content is added or edited, but will also invalidate when a content type not being listed here is changed, say "casette".

What cache tags can I use to limit the invalidation to when only "book" or "magazine" is added/changed/deleted? I've tried using: ['book_list','magazine_list'] but that doesn't work.

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Starting Drupal 8.9.0, there is a new ENTITY_TYPE_list:BUNDLE cache tag added (see the change record).

So in your case you would simply need to tag our list with node_list:book.



In this case I know two options.

One - Include all node tags (node:{#id}), if doesn't matter if a new node of a particular type was added.

Two - Create and control your own cache tag, and invalidade it when you want.

I'm developing a site that was needed create a term list cache per vocab_id. In this case every time that a term from a particular vocab_id change/add/delete the cache tag is invalided using Cache::invalidateTags($tag_id) then my block will be rebuild.

Edit 1


use Drupal\Core\Cache\Cache;

function filters_invalidate_vocabulary_cache_tag($vocab_id) {
  Cache::invalidateTags(array('filters_vocabulary:' . $vocab_id));

In your case maybe is just change $vocab_id for $node_type.

  • Thanks @vagner - I've started going down option 2, because I need to refresh when a new node is added. Having troubles invalidating the tags though, trying like this: \Drupal\Core\Cache\CacheTagsInvalidator::invalidateTags(["myTag"]); - which gives an error
    – ryrye
    Commented May 6, 2016 at 17:49
  • @ryrye added an example.
    – Vagner
    Commented May 6, 2016 at 18:03
  • 1
    CacheTagsInvalidator is a service that Cache:: wraps. You can also use that, especially in a controller/service, but then you have to call it on the cache tags invalidator service. Also, see drupal.org/project/views_custom_cache_tag if you want to use this approach with views.
    – Berdir
    Commented May 8, 2016 at 14:40

See the contrib module handy_cache_tags. I haven't used it (yet), but it purports to do exactly what you are looking for. From the module's description:

The module provides the following cache tags for you to use:


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