Screen shot for Devel and content page viewed by user

I have created 4 different content types and all except only one content type are visible to every user. Here, I am not using any type of access module like content access, field permission or organic groups even I have also uninstalled my custom module but still could not able to find out the root cause .

In the attached screen shot 1) The above section is permission on a node created in that content type as per user roles. 2) The below section is what, which is visible to user other than site admin.

I have also gave "View published content", "View own published content" and "View content revision" permissions (and cleared the cache) but it still not fixed.

Appreciate any guess or suggestion !!

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Yes, I have got the issue. This was a silly mistake, the nodes in that content types were not published.

I just published them and they are now visible to allowed roles.


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