I'm trying to debug a drupal 7 site and print_r() the $variables variable, but its HUGE and crashes certain pages when there is alot of data in it. Is there a way to only output the first level of the array without outputting everything inside of it?

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Devel is a great tool for debugging. It comes with krumo() function which works similar to print_r() but doesn't output everything, only up to certain depth (I think 3 or 4 levels).

  • i know about devel, but what if I didn't want to use that. how can I do it in pure php? is there a special function for it? Commented May 7, 2016 at 18:22

I faced a similar issue and found a raw solution, not very elegant nor easily usable in all cases, but it might help you:

  1. First use print_r(array_keys($variables)).
  2. Look at the result to locate which keys match your needs.
  3. Then for each one, say $var_x, use print_r($variables[$var_x])
  4. And if it's too heavy again, go to #1 replacing $variables by $variables[$var_x])... and so on!

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