I'm recently trying to lunch a new website using drupal 8.1.0 and I'm working on it more than 2 months now.I'm developing it on my local windows machine using Acquia Dev Desktop 2. Everything was working alright until last week, when i decided to move my website to the server and production environment; so I went through these steps respectively to move my website to the server :

1- First, i made a zip copy from my local drupal installation folder.
2- Uploaded and unzipped it under my web host root folder ( in my case, pubic HTML folder ).
3- Then from my local phpMyAdmin page, i exported a zip copy of my database.
4- After that in my server, I made a new database and a new user with all the privileges and connected them together.
5- Then I imported my local copy of database to the server using phpMyAdmin.
6- Then in my drupal's settings.php file, I entered the information about my newly created database.

When i open my website in a browser, everything works fine and all the links are accessible. But there is an strange problem. After going to any page on my website and after loading the page is complete, the whole website stop's responding and freezes! it's some sort of hanging that i can't do anything and i can't click on any link. Most of the times, it takes more than 5 minutes to come back to working again and sometimes, it doesn't come back. Only after I refresh the page and browser starts to reload the page, i can work with my site and after that loading is complete, it stops again.

The other strange thing that I've noticed is that this problem only occurs for the administrator and all the users who can see the drupal's admin toolbar. For the anonymous users, site works perfectly. Also I have another type of users on my website who are authenticated users, but they can't see drupal's admin toolbar. ( I've made them another customized toolbar to do their works ) and they have no problem as well. The other thing is that this problem doesn't happen on administrating pages which use "Adminimal theme". The website itself uses "bootstrap_business" theme for drupal 8. I've checked drupal's log messages and browser developer tools console, but I didn't find any related errors!

So in short, my website stops responding on pages which drupal's admin toolbar is shown and it's not using administration theme. Also i should mention that in my development local server, I use Mysql database, but in my web host, it's mariaDB.

Here is my website address

I need to lunch this website as soon as possible but with this issue, i can't do that. so,any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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