I need to stop a specific page from resizing and display the styles specified in the normal stylesheet. I have an iframe that is a set width and height and will not display properly when viewed on smaller screen sizes. Is this possible?


You can use the Context and Delta modules. Delta was developed by the Omega developers and Context+Delta is part of the Omega philosophy.

Use Delta to create a variation on the original theme that does not respond to theme width. Uncheck "Enable the responsive grid" setting in the theme, for instance. Then use Context to enable your Delta'd theme variation to trigger only on a certain path, in your case the page with the iframe.

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  • Try this before attempting my solution... – mpdonadio Jan 18 '12 at 20:11

Unless someone can come up with a better option, I think you have two options.

One is to override the rules from the media queries in your global.css with a more specific one. Pages should have a unique-enough class on them, eg body.page-the-name-of-the-page or body.page-node-123.

This is a really ugly solution, though. Essentially, you would need to replicate one of the normal or wide sheets (eg, alpha-default-normal-16.css) in your global.css and prepend each and every selector with the body class.

The other option would be to implement a hook_css_alter, check the page you are on, and remove the sheets you don't want.

Of the two, I would see if the hook_css_alter works in your situation.

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