I have a drupal site with multiple subdomains which share a single node. I installed Yoast SEO for Drupal and added title / description etc. for each node. Now the problem is that it shows same meta title and description for all sites (subdomain). Any idea on how to resolve this issue.


I haven't used that module (looks cool!), but it does depend on metatag, which is probably what's providing the title & description fields. The metatag module saves its configuration in a database table metatag_config, which is probably shared across all of your subdomains.

It looks like you can have tokens in your config, so for example, we use [node:title] [site:name] for our page title config. And if you wanted an unique title for each subdomain, you could just specify a separate site name for each one.

We use subdomains (www, m, staging, dev, etc) and we're fine to share the node's title & description across all of them. The thing we do want unique is the canonical meta tag, so if a search engine comes across duplicated content on a subdomain, it won't take anything away from the original. So we'll specify the full domain in the canonical url like this:


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