what is the parent name for the admin menu ? if I put system.admin_structure in the mymodule.links.menu.yml file as below, it places the new menu item under the structure tab on the menu. How do I get it on the first level of the menu.? mymodule.demo:

title: Demo Link
  description: 'This is a demo link'
  parent: system.admin_structure
  url: 'internal:/taxonomy/term/3'
  //route_name: entity.taxonomy_vocabulary.overview_form
  menu_name: admin
  weight: -79

parent:system.admin is the answer , obvious wasn't it.

  • You are sarcastic about "obvious" right? :) I find it hard to find out what are parent values for menus in D8. – Marko Blazekovic Sep 10 '18 at 7:34

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