I downloaded drupal 8 and performed an install without any noticable incident, after completing the install I attempted to use drush to install 4 additional sites, I added the sites to the sites .php file.

However I am having various problems with the sites. Two of the sites load ok, another one loads with this screen “The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.” and a plain white screen. Another of them loads with what is mostly just text and plain text links, but no theme/colors etc.

The only thing that I have noticed that is abnormal is that in my sites/default/files dir I have 3 config_*** dirs. I am not adverse to beginning the entire process over gain, I simply would like to know the exact steps I must take to get all of the sites installed and working correctly.

I really don't understand d8 all that well but I feel like there is some config issues) going on. Any and all help would be very welcomed. I would really like to get these sites up and runing. Also can anyone please advise the correct owner and permissions for the sites/files dir?

I did notice that there is a default.services.yml only in the default dir not the other sub sites.

  • Can you provide the full drush command you used to initialize the additional sites, and the resulting output? Also, enabling debugging options will provide more information on the cause of the unexpected error. – gapple May 17 '16 at 23:49

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