I have a block with the cache setting DRUPAL_CACHE_PER_USER.

I want to clear the cache when a user performs a specific action. I want to clear the cached block only for the acting user, keeping the block cache for all other users.

How can I do that in Drupal 7?


This data is stored in the block_cache bin under the cid format:


Knowing that, you can build some wrapper function for cache_clear_all() that will delete any arbitrary UID's cached block:

function clear_user_block_cache($uid, $module = 'MYMODULE', $block = 'MYBLOCK', $theme = 'MYTHEME') {

You can invoke this function call whenever the user takes the relevant action.

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If you get an exception on cache_clear_all(), make sure you add the table name as second parameter. E.g: cache_clear_all('yourcidstring', 'fromThisDbTable');

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