I want to upload image(.tif extension) to drupal website, but as per current we can upload only jpg/jpeg/png/gif only.


According to Display TIFF image in all web browser unless you're on Safari, you will not be able to render the .tif image on your site.

Therefore, this more like a file rather than an image. If you want to upload it, for your field type use file instead of image.

If you plan to display/render the .tif image, you will have to convert it to a known image file: .png, .jpeg, .gif, etc..


Do we have any drupal module that can convert .tif to other image extension? – Govind

According to Henk's comment in Upload tif using image API there is a way:

I was looking for a similar solution and found a working solution in Drupal 7 to upload, scale and display tiff images.

Install ImageMagick module and its dependencies with ImageMagick tif support on the server

Install Media module

Use the media module as the widget type for your image type field because the regular image widget type does not support TIFF's, with that you should be able to upload tiff images in Drupal

And i forgot...add the "change file format to : png" for your image style because only Safari is capable of displaying tiff's directly

  • Do we have any drupal module that can convert .tif to other image extension? – Govind May 16 '16 at 10:20
  • @Govind updated my answer – No Sssweat May 16 '16 at 10:45

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