I have a multisite configuration with Drupal7, my prod site is mysite.example.mydomain.com and dev is mysitedev.example.mydomain.com I have set in sites/sites.php :

$sites = array('mysite.example.mydomain.com' => 'mysitedev.example.mydomain.com', ); so searching for sites/mysite.example.mydomain.com would result as sites/mysite.dev. example mydomain.com, but I have a background Image Url:

background: url("/sites/mysite.example.mydomain.com/files/myimage.jpg");

if the Url is /sites/mysitedev.example.mydomain.com/files it works, otherwise with /sites/mysite.example.mydomain.com/files it don't! What am I missing???


  • Look at your directory structure in sites/. If your production site is in folder "default" then you would put: 'mysite.example.mydomain.com' => 'default' – Beebee May 16 '16 at 11:09

It sounds like you're confusing hostnames with file system paths.

The array mapping in sites.php is:

Hostname => Instance Folder

So taking your example, requests for http://mysite.example.mydomain.com will use the folder /sites/mysitedev.example.mydomain.com.

In that scenario, the path /sites/mysite.example.mydomain.com/files doesn't exist, so requests for files under it will return a 404. That's to be expected.

You can always add an alias/redirect via your server config, but it might be best to just use the system as it was intended.

  • Ok, thanks, but in this way i should change every url in css files? or make a symlink from /sites/mysitedev.example.mydomain.com to /sites/mysite.example.mydomain.com? – backit May 16 '16 at 12:14
  • In an ideal world your CSS should never depend on files inside the files folder. A theme needs to be able to stand on its own, and not rely on content that may or may not have been uploaded – Clive May 16 '16 at 12:16

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