I have a content type App with a term reference field called App category.

I'm creating a view page with path app/%. I don't want to use App ID or anything numeric in URL in place of %, so I'll be using app/cooking-app where cooking-app is URL Alias of App Category.

How can I display all the nodes whose value in App Category field is cooking-app? I can easily do this using PHP code but PHP code in contextual filters is not working.

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I'd highly recommend not using PHP code to do this; tying PHP code to configuration can be error-prone and it won't exist in Drupal 8's Views.

Rather, you can use the solution in Drupal 7 views contextual filters taxonomy name where you can use the Validator, Taxonomy Term, instead of PHP Code, with the Term name converted to Term ID filter.

  • Thanks Shawn, The solution on the link provided worked like a charm. Thanks. May 18, 2016 at 5:54

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