I have a template for my field: field--field-category.html.twig. Is there a way to override this for a specific Display Mode? A have a mode called teaser block. I tried field--teaser-block--field-category.html.twig as well as a couple of other formats.

I know I can modify how the field is output in node--teaser-block.html.twig but I'd like to do it at the field template level.


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For the field template there is by default no suggestion with the specific display mode.

You can add this suggestion in a hook:

function MYTHEME_theme_suggestions_field_alter(&$suggestions, $variables) {
  $suggestions[] = 'field__' . 
    $variables['element']['#field_name'] . '__' . 

Put this into MYTHEME.theme in the theme directory.

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    Good stuff. But I think to stick with D8's naming convention, you should really make it $suggestions[] = 'field__node__' . $variables['element']['#field_name'] . '__' . $variables['element']['#bundle'] . '__' . $variables['element']['#view_mode']; Aug 23, 2018 at 17:00

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