I'm looking for the features of the editable views module without having to use a table (In Drupal 7).

I have a view that I use as an input form. I'm using the "editable views" module to expose those fields as editable. However, I would like to customize this beyond what a Table will provide. There's some CSS trickery I can do (e.g. moving cells around with CSS), but that seems very hackish. Are there any modules/methods out there to do what I'm trying to do?


I have...

 | Title | Description | Author | Feedback (Editable) | Rating (Editable)

I want...

 Title, Author
 Feedback (Editable) | Rating (Editable)


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You can use EditableFields instead, which will let you use Unformatted list instead of table.

This module allows CCK fields to be edited on a node's display (e.g. at node/123), not just on the node edit pages (e.g. node/123/edit). It also works within views etc. Anywhere a 'formatter' can be selected, you can select editable (or click to edit).

enter image description here

Then you can use CSS to get the view to look how you want it.

.field-title { float: left; }
.field-feedback { float: left; }

Also, you will probably need to resize the edit button.

Else, if you do not want to use CSS then the following may possibly work:

1) Hide all your fields from display

2) In FIELDS, add a Global: Custom field

3) Use the replacement patterns on your custom field.


[title], [author] <br>
[field_description] <br>
[field_feedback] | [field_rating]
  • Yeah; I don't like the functionality/appearance of the EditableFields module (seems a bit clunky). BUT, the idea of hiding the fields from view and re-adding them by token sounds pretty awesome! I'll have to give that a shot!
    – Lee
    Commented May 18, 2016 at 12:51

Found the solution!

A patch is in the works to provide this exact functionality.

Patch: https://www.drupal.org/node/2579113


  1. go to your /sites/all/modules/editableviews directory
  2. wget [get the patch file link]
  3. run patch < editableviews-style-unformatted-2579113-26.patch


  1. Clear Cache (I used the dev module's clear cache functionality)
  2. Edit your view
  3. Change your View Format:Format to be "Editable Unformatted"
  4. Change your View Format:Show to be "Fields"

When you save/preview, all your fields will be in <span> tags that you can customize in CSS.

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