I'm surprised to not be able to find anything about this seemingly simple or routine request.

Suppose I have nodes that have long titles. They have menu items created the usual way, with short form titles.

I want to make a view of nodes that uses the menu item title of the nodes instead of the full title. However:

  • There are no fields I can see that relate to the menu item,
  • I can't see any available relationships that would access the menu item and make it available.

As a workaround I'm creating a custom field "subtitle" specifically for the views titles, but it's a bad workaround. Is there no way for Views to see the menu item of a node?

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Out of the box, there isn't a way.

The only thing that may possibly help you is the

Menu Node Views

The Menu Node Views module provides Views integration for nodes assigned to the menu system. This module is in alpha development.

Else, a workaround is the only way.

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    Ahh... Drupal, where probably the biggest, most complex and most worked-on module simply doesn't talk to one of the main core parts of the system... I know many people never use the core menu system at all and simply generate menus in views, but it'd be nice to have the choice! Commented May 18, 2016 at 10:07

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