I am using Drupal 8.1.1. I have made a copy of the Bartik theme and enabled that theme and using that as default theme. I want to disable the RSS feed-icon. I was hoping to find some control/code in the templates folder to disable the RSS feed icon, but could not find anything like that. (Though there is some reference to feed-icon in theme.libraries.yml).

Can someone suggest how to remove the RSS feed icon in Drupal 8.1.1? Thanks.


if you don't want to disable the feed, but just remove the icon.

According to FiNeX comment in Disable RSS icon in Drupal 8 via Views > Frontpage

A better way to remove the icon leaving the RSS feed active is to simply disable the feed attachment option.

1) Structure > Views > Frontpage Edit

2) Click on "Feed" tab display

3) Click on "Page" next to "Attach"

4) Uncheck "Page"

5) Save

Now if you want to disable RSS, then

According to couturier in Disable RSS icon in Drupal 8 via Views > Frontpage

Go to Structure > Views > Frontpage > Edit

Then click on "Feed" at the top. In the second drop-down box, select "Disable Feed." Then "Save" the change.

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    For future readers, this is a nice example of how to prevent link-only answers. Provide the link to the reference, but summarize the basics in the answer. – mpdonadio May 18 '16 at 0:29

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