I work for an organization that makes research grants. We periodically write "research briefs" for our grants to summarize what they found. My test Drupal site has a view of research briefs, and what I'd like is to display a block of grant information as a user is looking at a specific research brief.

I've got two custom content types: grants and research-briefs. The research-brief content type has a node reference field to grant ID. I use pathauto, so an example research-brief path is: site.org/research-brief/551023442 where 551023442 is the grant ID.

The way it seems I should set up the block view contextual filter is: Content: Parent ID (field_parent_id) When the filter is not available: Provide the default value. Type: Raw value from URL Path component: 2 Use path alias: checked

This doesn't work and I've tried any number of fields and any number of configuration options and would sure appreciate any helpful pointers. If I display all results I can see all grants in the block.

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I'd try this with a contextual filter for the research brief content:nid and then use the default value: node id from the url. This works regardless of pathauto and always provides the correct node is for the research brief.

Then add a Views relationship (join) from the Research brief to the Grant. Select the node reference field for this relationship.

Finally select the fields you want to display, using the Grant relationship.

  • Thank you! I tried a few different relationships, but the one that worked was "Content: Grant ID (field_grantid) - reverse"
    – B. Swans
    Commented May 18, 2016 at 16:57
  • Awesome. You can select the 'tick' symbol next to the answer to mark it as solved. Commented May 18, 2016 at 17:47

Please use Contextual Filter :

View Of the Page URL Should be : research-brief/%

In Context Filter : Please Click on Add Button

It will display all the fields of the Content type : research briefs

In which search, reference Id field in the research brief of grant. It might be grant ID. Then select it.

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