I am working on a complex site using Views and Panelizer.

I am trying to use Panelizer to display Views generated data, filtered by NID, for each advertisement.

To do that, I created a view called Advertisements with a content pane called Display which takes an NID as a contextual filter.

The NID filter is set to Provide default value -> Content ID from URL.

enter image description here

With that I am able to preview the field data of an existing article node when I provide it's NID as an argument.

However I have problems beyond this point :-(

I find my View content-pane in the Views panes section of the content area of Article's panelizer area - but there is no preview. This immediately suggest there is something wrong with the output.

enter image description here

This is confirmed when I save the configuration and visit an Advertisement node - my output does not display.

After some research, I return to Views and go into the pane settings -> argument input section. I set it to From context -> Content ID.

enter image description here

With the View saved, I return to my advertisement node to find the page still blank.

I am very stomped and a lot of time has been wasted on this.

Can anyone please advice what I'm doing wrong or missing.

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I had the exact same setup and issue. I could see the title of the view pane but no content even after I had made sure to set Argument input:Edit (in content pane view) to be:

  • Argument source: From context
  • Required context: Content ID

The reason I was not seeing content and only the title of view was simply because I'd forgotten I'd made a tpl of that view and had not yet cleared cache...

  • Why did they call it "Content ID"... everywhere else it's 'nid' or 'node id' ;_;
    – user1359
    Commented Aug 3, 2017 at 13:36

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