I am trying to get the field ID of of a field collection item being rendered in a field collection theme twig file: field-collection-item--field-name.html.twig.

I am able to render content using {{content.field_name}} but I need a unique identifier to create an anchor link. I can see an id is available using kint(item) but cant seem to figure out the proper syntax.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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You can get The field collection item ID in field-collection-item.html.twig

{{ item['#field_collection_item'].id() }}

or you can get it from field-collection-item--field-name.html.twig, or other field template of field collection item.

{{ element['#items'].getEntity().id() }}

You can find these functions under Available Methods Tab when you printing out variables from twig template. You can use public methods.

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