I have created three panes (as shown below) using Mini Panel module. as named below,

Login/Register | Username | Logout

This I want to keep at the top left of website. Now, how each pane is created

  1. Login/Register: Created menu and added link named Login/Register and have given the path /user. So, it leads to login page.
  2. Username: This I created using the Views, a block created of users and filter was given that the user is logged in. hence it will automatically show up only when the user is logged in.
  3. Logout: This I created using menu, with name Logout and path user/logout, hence when it gets clicked the user gets logout and this pane disappears automatically.

  4. When users are logged-in, only the Username and Logout pane should appear; hence, users can see their profile by clicking on their name, or they can log out. When users log out, this pane disappears.

  5. When user are not logged-in, only the Login/Register pane should appear.

So, the Username and Logout pane works perfectly fine.

What SELECTION rule shall I give to the Login/Register pane, so it gets visible only to anonymous users?

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While adding a Visibility rule to the pane, select User:Role and then select "anonymous". This way the pane will be shown only to anonymous (not logged in) users.

  • omg, how this simple thing did not clicked in my mind, even I was familiar with this logic...:) Sometime we start thinking too much and just over look very simple way of doing that. Anyway, Very thanks. Just I checked it is working.
    – CodeNext
    May 21, 2016 at 22:34

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