I'm trying to generate a accordion grouped by year. I have used Accordion module for this. It is giving accordion which is fine but I want data inside accordion in tabular format. For ex:

enter image description here

Table header is getting repeated in accordion. I want a single header for table. How to achieve this?


How to modify views.accordion-view.html.twig file so that row.content organized itself in tabular format as described in above image.

 * @file
 * Theme override to display a views_accordion set of rows.
 * Available variables:
 * - title: The title of this group of rows. May be empty.
 * - rows: A list of the view's row items.
 *   - attributes: The row's HTML attributes.
 *   - content: The row's content.
 * - view: The view object.
 * - default_row_class: A flag indicating whether default classes should be
 *   used on rows.
 * @see template_preprocess_views_accordion_view()
{% if title %}
  <h3 class="js-views-accodion-group-header">{{ title }}</h3>
{% endif %}
{% for row in rows %}
    set row_classes = [
      default_row_class ? 'views-row',
  {# A div wrapping the row content is required for the accordion to work #}
  <div{{ row.attributes.addClass(row_classes) }}>
    {{ row.content }}
{% endfor %}
  • If you or anyone else can't find the answer, the alternative would be to create your own custom accordion. – No Sssweat May 23 '16 at 7:20
  • I have gone through the code of views.accordion-view.html.twig of views accordion module. how can I modify its template file so that fields will organize themselves in tabular format. – Sugandh Khanna May 23 '16 at 10:01

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