I need a help with an issue that I am facing in the module.

So, on my registration page I have some extra fields like:

  • Country
  • Real name (different from username)

Country and real name value is in field group and the name is as following

Name : field_primary_contact[und][0][field_contact_name][und][0][value] (taxonomy term) Country : field_primary_contact[und][0][field_contact_country][und]

in my hook_simple_fb_connect_registration I set the following value


$drupal_user->field_primary_contact[und][0][field_contact_name][und][0][value] = "fb hook testing";

$drupal_user->field_primary_contact[und][0][field_contact_country][und] = 40;

It doesn't work. Do we need to do anything different for field groups?

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