I've been working playing with the Facet API Search lately and I liked a lot the option that Facet API provides to use the alias of the taxonomies in the URL.

I was wondering if there is a chance to do the same in the Views. eg to be able to use the taxonomy alias as a token to construct a link. What I would like to achieve is to be able to construct in the Views a URL that can take me to a Faceted Search page so I can pre-filter it.

I know that is a bit redundant to be doing it, but for the project I work on, is something that was specifically requested. In the Views, there is no way to be able to get the alias of a taxonomy as a field. The only things I've seen so far, is to mimic the re-writing of taxonomy using PHP code here and here .

I tried to find a module that would help use the alias but nothing had come up. Also, here in the forum, I had found similar issues but nothing related to my question about taxonomies.

How to filter a View with Taxonomy alias

Get a node alias as a field value


Nevermind, I managed to do this via a module I wrote.

To whom it may concern, the idea is to create a hook override for the hook field formatter.

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