I have two content types A and B. The content type B has a node reference to A.
I would like to create a views list which show nodes of A with no. of node count of B.
It is very similar to a list of nodes which comment count for each.

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I am not too up on D7, but the Nodereference Count module has worked for me in D6 and there appears to be a D7 version.

  • I installed the module. But I could not see the field in my field list, except Content: Comment count and File Usage: Use count.
    – Sithu
    Jan 20, 2012 at 8:26

I've done something similar 2 weeks ago. Basically you need to use a setting called Use aggregation, which can be found in the Views Advanced tab. By enabling it, you will have extra "Aggregation settings" for each field, where you can choose between (COUNT, COUNT DISTINCT, SUM, AVERAGE, etc.). A possible workflow would be:

  1. Enable aggregation (Views Advanced tab --> Use aggregation).
  2. Use a relationship (in your case the node reference field).
  3. Add Content: Nid field and make it use the relationship.
  4. Change the Aggregation Settings for the Content: Nid field to COUNT

That should be all!


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