I'm making a website with 2 different kind of users. using the Profile2 module, and i'm kind of stuck.

  1. Tourists who register with the normal user/register form.
  2. And Guides who register with a custom guide/register form.

On the homepage we have a simple user menu with login and register button.

I want to customize the tabs on the user/register page to have two tabs: Register as tourist and Register as guide

So I want the tabs of login and request password to be gone on the registration forms.

BUT I do want the login and request password tabs on the login page.

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You can add tpl file for user registration Example:

function THEME_NAME_theme() {  // Add this function in template.php
    $items = array();
    // create custom user-register.tpl.php
    $items['user_register'] = array(
        'render element' => 'form',
        'path' => drupal_get_path('theme', 'THEME_NAME') . '/templates',
        'template' => 'user-register',
        'preprocess functions' => array(
return $items;

According to role. add changes in user-register.tpl.php. You can refer link to add user-register.tpl.php.


It sounds like you're wanting the use case covered by the Profile2 Registration Path module:

By default, the Profile 2 module permits you to add fields from chosen profile types to the default user registration form. Unfortunately, there is only one user registration form. Thus, every user will be presented with these fields during registration. If you have two profile types targeted at two different audiences, you cannot have two separate registration forms.

Anything else, might need to be covered by a form/menu altering custom module or Tab Tamer.


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