I need some advice.

My client has a website with loads of products. Now the client want the ability to add products to a cart, and instead of buying, they want the products to be mailed.

How can I acheive this. I took a look at the commerce module. This module is amazing. I did some research and found this article saying I can achieve what I want with the rules module.

This is awesome. But drupal commerce has its own set op products that you need to add inside the store. I need to use products already created. As well as add options such as colors and sizes that also needs to be displayed in Select lists.

Is there a way that I can get this feature with existing products? Or just add the cart button to my nodes?


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It depends on how your node 'products' are setup. In Drupal Commerce, 'products' are a fieldable Entity Type and each bundle of that entity type is a different product with different sets of fields.

One possible solution would be to check out the Migrate and its ecosystem of other modules to see if there would be a way to convert your product Content Type to a Product Type.

Note that in the native Commerce workflow, you also need a Product Display node to act as a container for products to display them to the end user. Think of the Product entity as a single product option [in the example of a t-shirt it could be "X-Large Blue"] and the Product Display node is the wrapper that contains all options to display as a single "product" to the user.

  • Awesome! thanks for the answer. I will definitely investigate... Will let know what my discovery is May 24, 2016 at 18:25

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