I have rest service url for a node in d6 as 

but the same url in drupal 8 is not working at all , for d8 i have to give

here 1140 is the node id and is the base url .

As the url is changing i have to modify many scripts .What may be the reason for this ? or is there any workarounds ?


From the related issue:

Drupal core no longer uses accept headers for routing but rather rely on a _format query parameter, because browser, (reverse) proxy and CDN support is very poor, and hence could lead to severe bugs. See See #2364011: [meta] External caches mix up response formats on URLs where content negotiation is in use for more background.

So it was a conscious decision, to help prevent common bugs out in the wild. I wouldn't advise trying to find a workaround, the motivation for changing it is sound. But if you want/need to, perhaps just a simple rewrite rule that would take requests for *.json and forward them on to *?_format=json would suffice.

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  • thanks , probably redirection without changing the url with htaccess would work ? – KTM May 25 '16 at 8:37
  • Can't think of a reason it wouldn't, it'd definitely save you a lot of work – Clive May 25 '16 at 8:38

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