I am trying to create one basic module for Drupal 8, where I have added one form with some textfields and multiple file upload element. Now on "submitForm" I am saving textfields values on database, but I am not sure how I can save image fields. I will be only saving the filename in the database.

Will it be using same function as we have in Drupal 7?

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If you upload a file, it stores the file temporarily in file_managed table in database.And you have to set the file permanent status 1 to save it permanently else it will be deleted from the table by cron after some time.
This sample code to load a image and save it to database might help you to understand.

/* Fetch the array of the image file stored temporarily in database */
$image = $form_state->getValue ('image');

/* Load the object of the image file by it's fid */
$file = File::load ($image[0]);

/* Set the status flag permanent of the image file object */

/* Save the file in database ( "managed_file" table) */

when you select any file from 'managed_file' field type, drupal make a entry in 'file_managed' table, you just have to set the permanent flag as above to decide whether you have to save it permanently or not.

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