maybe this is duplicate but I cant find solution and answer for this one, maybe its so basic buy I need little help about.

I have content type with: 1. Title 2. Body 3. Category (Category field is Vocabulary check box with two taxonomy terms called 1. Yes 2. No

So I have contents some are with selected yes and some one are selected with no, I want to create a view and display only with the selected (Yes) contents. Any idea how should I do it. Thank you for reading this.

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Under your Views,

Add filter criteria > Has taxonomy term > apply

Vocabulary: your vocabulary in question > Apply

Is one of: Yes > Reduce duplicates > Apply

Save your Views.


  • I knew it! I knew I am missing something there and is so basic. Thanks anyway
    – DroDro
    May 26, 2016 at 13:40
  1. Create a view with show Content of type your content type and continue and edit
  2. Add a filter under Filter criteria select content : field (ie a taxonomy term reference field)
  3. Select terms from vocabulary having yes value with operator Is one of

Result : Content listed with terms tagged with yes

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