I tried this : dpm($button['#value']->string but got this error: access protected property Drupal\Core\StringTranslation\TranslatableMarkup::$string

Within a form object I need to be able to read that value and also change it. how can I access it? thanks


By casting the object to a (string), you will get the value.


$op = (string) $form_state->getValue('op');

You can get the string value by calling the magic function ->__tostring() or casting the object to a (string). But most time you don't need to do this, because if you use the translation object in a string context it will return the translated string automatically.

You can't change the original string in the translation object. You have to generate a new one with the t-function:

$button['#value'] = $this->t('new text');

You can get the string value by using the following method.


So if you get the object as $link_object then accessing the string would be done using


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