I have a function in my custom module that return the nids for drafts in array.

function get_all_drafts(){
    $query = db_query("select bid from kom_draft");
    $res = $query->fetchAll();
    foreach($res as $bid){
        $output[] = $bid->bid;
    return $output;

and following code is used in contextual filter nid ( php code text area )

$nids = get_all_drafts();
return implode('+',$nids);

and checked the multiple value checkbox but its not working, i checked the query and there in not value to compare.

when i use the same code on tpl file i am getting proper output that is + separated nids.

  • Could you add some devel call for getting value of $nids before you return the imploded string? E.g. $nids = get_all_drafts(); dpm($nids); return implode('+',$nids); – Stefanos Petrakis May 27 '16 at 5:04

I just get it done by enabling validation criteria, I selected content validation with node content type and its working fine.

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