It's a shop where you can buy drinks. For every bottle/can there has to be an extra item with bottle/can deposit visible to the user.

So for this I added the cans and the deposit as single items. Every can has 3 attributes for the packaging unit of the tray: 6x250ml (default), 12x250ml, 24x250ml.

After that I added a product kit with 1x "can tray 6x250ml" and 6x deposit. This works fine. But if the user selects 1x "12x250ml" the deposit will just calculates the normal 6x.

Now I thought about manipulating the cart before it is visible to the user. For example: Take the quantity of the item, calculate the deposit by the checked packaging unit and multiply by the item quantity. The calculation is pretty simple.

What function/hook can I use to do this?

I tried to deal with hook_uc_cart_item_presave($entity) but it seems, that the function gets triggered once for every product in the product kit. I can't find a solution to check the quantity on the main item as well as the checked attribute and then pass it to the second run for the deposit item.

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It seems that - against the official docs of ubercart - the hook hook_uc_cart_alter IS available for Drupal 7.

Found the answer here on Drupal Answers in an old question: https://drupal.stackexchange.com/a/94497/53491

With the available $items-object I iterate through my cart as I need it. Works perfect.

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